Portable Integrated Cutting Equipment
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This equipment is invented by using the most advanced imported technology from all over the world-wide. With the latest electronic components, the control circuit can reduce the losses and improve the efficiency during operation. It uses the method of aircooling for heat sink. The over heat protection temperature is 65° C.It will restart when the temperature drops below 65° C.The two-pole arc ignition method is used. It has the advantages of fast ignition speed, zero pollution and easy to operate. The equipment contains a fully imported oxygen blowing lance holder with a flame arrester. It can effectively prevent tempering and greatly improve the safety performance. The total tool is also equipped with a manual pipe collector, which makes it more convenient for operators to handle.




Operating Instructions

1. Connect to oxygen cylinder, check the connection parts of the high-pressure oxygen pipe toensure that there are no air leaks.

2. Turn on power supply, check the insulation of the equipment, and ensure that the grounding is normal and there are no leaks.

3. Install Thermic Lance, then align it to the ignition block, and turn on the power supply and oxygen switch to increate arc for igniting.

4. Ignite Thermic Lance to cut relative subject to be processed. 

Safety Summary:

1. Always inspect the insulation of the equipment is available before operation. Ensure that the grounding is reasonable before operation.

2. Never Handle or store the equipment in rainy or wet environment. Must put the equipment far away from fire

3. The equipment is prohibited to operate the oil storage equipment. The operation on sealed container should get the permission from authorized staff.

4. Always wear proper fire-proof protective clothing when in operation

5. Never use the equipment in danger areas as chemical warehouse, inflammables.