Thermic Lance
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MIT Thermic Lance are the first new products with fast fusing and cleaning functions.

As long as the thermic lance, immediately can produce 4000C high temperature, so that the workpiece to be processed (metal, non-metal, concrete, rock) quickly cut or clean, to achieve the purpose of the work.

The efficacy of the thermic lance can be 4~5 times higher than the efficacy of ordinary cutting tools, and the thickness of the fusion cut workpiece can be up to more than 1,000MM, which can be adapted to the thickness of any cleanup and perforation, and it is especially suitable for mobile operation.

Operation of thermic lance no noise, no vibration, no arc light, no pollution, is the casting, metallurgy, mining, construction and other fusing, cutting, disintegration, cleaning, piercing and other ideal tools.

1.Fusion cutting and perforation: oxygen fusion rod is suitable for all kinds of material alloy castings, stainless steel castings, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous castings, slag disintegration; casting risers, Phi sewing burrs, such as fusion cutting; metal, non-metallic, concrete, rock and other perforation.

2.Cleaning: thermic lance is a solution to all kinds of castings sticky sand (sand, sand), castings with core, castings sintered sand cleaning holes, the smelting furnace wind eye, bridge, outlet slag clogging removal and other removal of difficult problems. Where ordinary cutting, cleaning, piercing process means can not solve the problem, oxygen melt rod can be quickly and easily solved.