Oxygen Lance
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Oxygen Lance is used for steel blowing oxygen with a small diameter steel pipe. 

Through the research and development of MIT, it makes its production process simple, high production efficiency, many varieties and specifications, and also continuously improves the quality of welded seams of oxygen lance. 

Today's steel industry to strengthen the electric furnace steelmaking, flat furnace steelmaking, the common use of oxygen to the molten pool of liquid steel blowing oxygen is one of the most effective measures, the reaction process is an exothermic reaction, which can increase the temperature of the molten pool, blowing oxygen every 0.01% carbon reduction to make the temperature of the molten pool increased by 1.7C. 

Therefore, oxygen blowing in the molten pool not only eliminates the time of adding ore and charging, but also accelerates the melting of the charge and the oxidation of impurities, strengthens the decarburization, and shortens the melting period and the refining period.