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Oxygen Lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations.
Reqd. Equipments

An Oxygen Lance tube is a hollow electric resistance welded (ERW) tube manufactured from mild steel. It is available in various sizes and end finishes and is used in the steel making process.

The Lance tube is employed in the smelting industry, specifically in the mining. This is during the production of ferroalloys, copper, zinc and other ferrous and non ferrous metals industries. The tube is use to burn open large, bottom pouring smelting furnaces such as blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces as well as electric and induction furnaces. It is the most cost effective method available for tapping heats.

Lance tube is also used to remove carbon during the smelting process of various metals. The process involves injecting oxygen into the molten metal causing the impurities to be oxidized. This results in slag that floats to the top of the melt which can then be more easily removed.



For use as a cutting tool. 

For use as an oxygen injection device. 

For use as “DeCarb” from molten metal. During the steelmaking process, a desired carbon content is attained by injecting oxygen into the molten metal.

For use as open furnace tap holes, cleaning ladle well blocks, unclogging tundish nozzles, cutting ferrous materials, providing the steel or iron is hot enough to sustain burning, ie cutting skulls, spill clean-up, etc.