Calorized Oxygen Lance
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Due to the steelmaking oxygen blowing requirements of very harsh conditions, usually blowing oxygen pipe inserted into the molten pool temperature of steel up to 1600℃ or more, will be rapidly oxidized, and burned melting, invariably increase the amount of consumption. 

MIT has adopted a calorized and ceramic coating, i.e., firstly, 100-150 gallons of calorized treatment is carried out on the inner and outer walls of the welded pipe, and then 200-300 gallons of ceramic coating is added to the inner and outer walls, which results in the longer life of the calorized coated oxygen lance.

Calorized Oxygen Lance consumes about 6-8 times less than oxygen lance, and has various advantages such as ultra- high temperature resistance, slower consumption rate, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators, etc. Meanwhile, the connection type of threaded and sleeve also facilitates the recycling of surplus pipe. 

Coating and steel pipe bonding strength is high, not afraid of collision, in 1 meter high level of free fall coating will not fall off, at the same time has a high degree of waterproof moisture resistance, at room temperature immersed in water for 24 hours coating does not fall off. 

MIT Calorized Ceramic Coated Oxygen Lance is an indispensable oxygen injection tool in the process of smelting stainless steel and other special steel grades.