Underwater Cutting Lance
  • Underwater Cutting Lance
  • Underwater Cutting Lance
  • Underwater Cutting Lance
Underwater Cutting Lance or Rods consists of seven small rods inside a thin steel tube,one of the seven rods is a special alloy that will burn independently after an arc is struck and oxygen is flowing through the tube,the remaining six rods are made of mild steel.
Reqd. Equipments

Xingrui Underwater Cutting Lance has many uses in industry for both dry and wet applications. Typical uses  include cutting steel bracing on offshore structures, pipelines, removing tap hole and pierce foundations, cutting through concrete ingots, vessels, propellers and many different types of marine scraps. The lance will easily cut  through the following materials:plain carbon & low alloyed steels, cast irons, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals, concrete, rock, rope, wood and marine risers. 

Underwater cutting operations use oxygen,therefore,all safety precautions concerning the use of oxygen must be observed.Oxygen itself is not flammable,however,the presencce of oxygen will drastically increase the speed and force with which burning takes place.For cutting in a closed compartment,pipe,tank,tubular,etc a means must be provided to permit the escape of all entrapped gases.Having the diver work from the highest point down may reduce the possibility of trapping gas mixture that could lead to explosions,in any event,a means to allow un-burnt gases to escape must be made before cutting operations begin.When cutting a vent hole the following factors should be considered.