Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe

CERAMIC COATED LANCING PIPE is used in the manufacture of metals like Steel, Copper and Zinc. Chlorine is used in the manufacture of Aluminium. These gases react with the undesirable impurities and form their respective oxide or chlorides. These oxides or chlorides then float to the surface of the molten metal and are removed.

To transfer these gases to the molten metal, a pipe is needed. This pipe is the Lancing Pipe and the process of injecting gases into molten metal is known as Lancing.

Traditionally an ordinary Pipe has been used. The material of construction is Low Carbon Steel ( Mild Steel ) , Electrically Resistance Welded ( ERW ) in the shape of a pipe. Since the molten metal is Steel or Copper or Zinc, and the pipe is of Mild Steel, the pipe melts into the Molten Metal, at the end which is dipped into it . Besides because of the high temperature of the Molten Metal, the pipe also gets oxidized and melts faster into the Molten Metal. Hence the pipe gets consumed and has to be replaced .

The rate of replacement decides the cost of production. Therefore in order to contain the cost it is imperative to reduce the rate of replacement of these pipes.

Ceramic Coated Pipes do exactly this reduction in the rates of replacement. As against the usage of 2.5 pipes of plain Mild Steel variety, one has to use only 1 plain Ceramic Coated Pipe. The cost of the plain Ceramic Coated Pipe is not 2 1/2 times the cost of the plain Mild Steel pipe. Hence there is a net savings in the cost of pipes used.

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