Calorized Oxygen Lance Pipe

Calorized Oxygen Lance is made up of 5 layers. At the core is a high quality mild steel, and in the both inner and outer surfaces of mild steel are given a calorizing treatment which was under high temperature in which diffusion of aluminum taken place into the surface of the steel. The Calorized pipe is then coated inside and outside with a layer of refractory material which resist heat and slows the melting of the lance. In short, the calorizing treatment and ceramic coating techniques give the lance an extra ordinary higher life for industrial application..


  • Blowing oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen into electric arc furnace.

  • Injecting carbon, lime powder, and other materials for steelmaking.

  • Injecting flux granules for degassing in aluminum melting furnaces.

  • Cleaning ladle or tundish under high temperature.

  • Removal of slag on hearth which produced from manufacturing process.

  • Removing slag which adhered to the tapping notch of converters or ladles.

  • Resistance of oxidation, abrasion, carburization and vulcanization while producing.


  • Coating with refractory and calorized substance provides longer life compared MS.

  • Multiple applications and longer life which means lower cost.

  • Resistance of oxidation, abrasion, and carburization.

  • Resistance against erosion or corrosion by molten metal as well as nonmetal substances.

  • Prevent from stress corrosion cracking.

  • The application raises the production capacity of an electric arc furnace.

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